AlBayan Institute is Non for profit, charitable organisation.

AlBayan Institute was established in 2003 by few brothers and Sheikh Tarek El-Bikai who has dedicated numerous years acquiring and developing his traditional Islamic sacred knowledge from some of the most respected and qualified scholars of our time


Utilising the methodology of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), AlBayan Institute is dedicated to teaching Arabic, traditional Islamic sacred knowledge and the reading and memorisation of the Holy Quran to seekers of knowledge.


From its humble beginnings operating from Granville Musallah, AlBayan Institute focused primarily on teaching young hearts between the ages of 7 and 16 the beauty of the Arabic language and the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Quran. Over the years, AlBayan Islamic has evolved and developed its operations in response to increasing student demand and the need to meet the requirements of its students. Operating from a larger premises in Granville with classrooms designed to facilitate interactive involvement between the Sheikh and students, AlBayan Islamic Institute currently conducts its program for children four nights a week with several students memorising different  Ajzaa’ (Chapter) of Quran.


AlBayan Institute also caters for older hearts with the introduction of the adult syllabus in 2009. This syllabus is taught by respected Islamic scholars and encompasses a wide variety of subjects preparing seekers of knowledge for their afterlife. These subjects include Arabic, recitation and memorisation of the Holy Quran, Islamic Adab (Manners), Fiqh (traditional Islamic Sacred Law), Hadeeth, Aqeedah (Islamic Creed) and Science of the Quran.


AlBayan Islamic Institute has been actively involved with community work since its inception through financial contributions and providing assistance in various events both beneficial to the youth as well as the wider community. AlBayan Islamic Institute has hosted many youth camps over the last two years which continue to grow in popularity. AlBayan Islamic Institute has also been the host of several community events such as ‘One Community’ event, which united various respected Islamic leaders with the State and Federal Police to discuss the issues affecting the broader Muslim community and solutions. AlBayan Islamic Institute was also the host of the AlBayan inaugural Iftar Dinner in 2010 where over 100 students and guests were invited to break fast together.


AlBayan institute has also been the host and organisers of the annual ‘Sydney’s Quran Competition’ where males and females of all ages compete at various levels with the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Quran. Various organisations have been involved in funding prizes for the successful candidates. Without the will of Allah SWT and community support, events such as these will not be possible.


Outside of the educational services provided at Islamic Institute, Sheikh Tarek has been successfully running the AlBayan Hajj Group annually for the last few years. The Hajj program includes daily lectures and face to face interaction with the Sheikh who will assist all pilgrims in their path throughout the glorious journey.


We thank and praise Allah the Almighty for the blessing of allowing our growing organisation the ability to grow and prosper. We also would like to extend our sincere thanks to the support we have received from our staff and students at AlBayan  Institute