Asalamu Alaykum,

Great news Alhamdulilah! Due to the easing of restrictions imposed by the state government, we can now allow up to 50 worshippers within our local Masajid (Mosques).

The team at AlBayan have obliged and are now opening the Masjid AlBayan for FOUR daily prayers! Here are the concurrent prayer times:

Fajr: 6:00AM
Dhuhr: CLOSED (No congregational prayer)
Asr: 3:45PM
Maghreb: 4:56PM
Isha: 7:00PM

Please note Jumu’ah will be closed until further notice (presumably until restrictions have been lifted and there are no longer limitations).

Download the AlBayan App for the latest updates and prayer times schedules. Available on both the Apple Store for iOS and the Google Playstore for Android.

A list of guidelines to conform by in relation to Masjid AlBayan’s congregational prayers which apply from today (1st of June, 2020).


1. Sign in and Sign out upon entry and exit.

2. Bring your own prayer mat.

3. Maintain social distancing at all times (1.5 metres).

4. Do Wudu (Ablution) at home.

NOTE: if you’re feeling sick or showing any symptoms concerning the COVID-19 infection, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Do not risk the spread of infection and make sure to practice proper sanitation protocols.

JazakAllahu Khayr