Asalamu Alaykum,

An announcement for all those who are interested in performing the Hajj pilgrimage this year. AlBayan has officially released its package deals for Hajj 2020.

An information session has been organised, which is to be held at AlBayan on Saturday, 15th of February, at approximately 6:00PM, pertaining to the discussion of many important aspects of Hajj, including; activities, what to bring, schedules and timing, prices and so forth.

For any enquiries or expression of interest in performing this blessed act of worship, please utilise the contact details below:

Head office:
(02) 8710 8122
Sheikh Tarek El-Bikai:
0414 272 502
Hajj Samer Turkmani:
0450 028 011
Hajj Mohamed El-Bikai
0415 648 640
Hajj Yaser Hayek:
0405 466 281

For more information:


JazakAllahu Khayr