Are You Ready?

Due to the huge demand for Islamic knowledge within our community, AlBayan Institute has purchased a new premises within the local area to cater for the growing needs as well as establishing a full time Masjid
“The believers shade on the Day of Judgment will be his charity” (Al-Tirmidhi-604)

Albayan Project

What is Albayan?

AlBayan is a non-for-profit organization which is dedicated to teaching Arabic, traditional Islamic sacred knowledge and the reading and memorisation of the Holy Quran to seekers of knowledge. It is an educational institute dedicated to educating the broader Muslim community and promoting the importance and application for the Islamic way of life.
AlBayan Institute has also been actively involved with community work since its inception through financial contributions and providing assistance in various events both beneficial to the youth as well as the wider community (i.e. Camps, fund raisers, youth talks, recreational sports competitions, etc).

What was Albayan’s project and how much did we Need?

The new premises is a fully built existing premises which does not require any further major building works. It will cater for our community needs for the next 30 years without any further establishment. It offers a total land area of approximately 6000 square meters and a building area of 4750 square meters ready to be used. The full renovation of the building has commenced and we are at the final stages.


It also offers the following :

  • Separate carpark lot of 1,900sqm on corner.
  • Building area of 4,754sqm comprising freestanding office plus factory/warehouse.
  • Extensive, well appointed offices over three levels.
  • Factory/warehouse with dock, door and high power supply.
  • Zoned 4(b) suits wide range of uses including Place of Worship, Community Facilities, Medical, Retail, Commercial and more (STCA).
  • Easy walk to Regents Park shops and railway station.


Current Impacts / Benefits


  • Sharia & Islamic studies compliant course (full time & part time)
  • Quran Memorisation
  • Tajweed courses (men & women)
  • Arabic Studies
  • Pre-school
  • Islamic summer courses
  • Parent & teacher Workshops
  • Full time 5 daily prayers
  • Daily meetings for the betterment of the youth and society in general
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Dawa’ effort programms for the community
  • Uniting the community for greater social development
  • Establishing daily lessons and youth talks that are focussed on reshaping the lives of youth and bringing them off the streets
  • Offering new fully equipped premises for Jama’3at to make effort from
  • Blessings and barakat of a masjid in that locality.
  • Educational tutoring and assistance
  • Computer facilities for the purpose of learning & teaching
  • Facilities for the purpose of marriages (Walliima)
  • Marriage counseling services
  • Community & religious meetings
  • Youth leadership programs
  • Sports & Gym Facilities (Indoor Soccer / Gymnasiam / etc)
  • Child Care


Our Mission and Aim

Our Aim is to become the first fully operating Institute, offering full time Islamic courses to both men and women in NSW. We envision a relationship with all the community that maintain longevity and prosperity for all those involved. We make it our mission to ensure that :

  • We provide a first class learning centre that is trained to current standards
  • We provide students with a quality turnaround
  • We provide students with competitive prices that are sustainable as we are non for profit organisation.